As a little girl growing up in Texas, my childhood was defined by the hours I spent playing with friends and the sweet smell of Momma’s Mondel that permeated the neighborhood My Momma’s kitchen was the central focus of our youth and whether we were being scooped up into her flour dusted apron for a kiss or eating the left over chocolate chips from a fresh batch, there was always something special coming out of her oven. As I grew, got married, and had two boys of my own I also made the kitchen a special place and Momma’s Mondel became a staple of each snack and a connection to my fondest memories. As we grew so did the desire to expand the flavors of this crispy and versatile cookie. Just Nuts, Cranberry Orange, Butterscotch, and Chocolate Chip have found their way from the deepest heart of Texas to the top shelf of your local grocer. Served as a delightful coffee companion, straight from the freezer, or on your way home from the store, we believe you’ll see why this delicious treat has been the mainstay of our ever growing family. From our family to yours, Enjoy!
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